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I have started a new book. Working title is TRIUMPH OF LIFE. I am taking the title from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley which is entitled THE TRIUMPH OF LIFE. I don't think Shelley will mind; he's been gone a long time! The passage is

"And Life, where long that flower of Heaven grew not,
Conquered the heart by love which gold or pain
Or age or sloth of slavery could subdue not --"

So yes, if you are wondering, this one will be a bit of a love story. Well, there's much more than that to tell.

Recently, I joined and published the first two chapters of TRUIMPH OF LIFE on their site. The following is recognition of them. I have much to live up to in the following chapters.

My latest note from Fanstory:

Triumph of Life has continued to receive excellent feedback. We are happy to inform you that your book chapter has been recognized again. It has been placed on the all time best listing. Only the very best (less than 5% of all work posted) is selected for this listing.
Since it is a book chapter of an uncompleted book it will not be listed at this time. But it will be listed when the book is marked as completed. The individual chapters recognized in this way will be marked with this status.

Thank you again for this addition to

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IF YOU WOULD LIKE A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THIS WORK IN PROGRESS, GO THE NEXT PAGE!! For lots of help with writing, go to: The Free Directory of Independent Writers and Artists