What you do today is important! You trade one day of your life for it!

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TRAVELING is a special love for Ray and me. Our first adventures together were in Mexico, where the idea for The Second Milagro bloomed. Living in Acapulco gave me a deep love for my adopted Mexican family and a respect for their culture. Whether driving into the mountains to find Real de Catorce or walking the streets of touristy Taxco, we always feel welcome. Over the years, we have managed to find a few other exciting places.


Ray and I in Rome. Our latest holiday.


My two sons and their families. Jason and April, Luke and Mark on the left. Ray and me. Joey, Alicia and Benjamin.


My favorite photo in Kenya!


Old and the new in Tallin, Estonia.


These guys have a struggle helping us up the Lesser Gorge of the Yangtze River in China!